Senior: Anna

Anna has a heart for people! I can say this after spending a lot of time around her when I was a teacher. She would selflessly love and serve students in my class. They would light up when she entered the room because she devote so much of herself to them. Getting to know them brought her joy as well. I'm sure everyone will dearly miss this beautiful girl's presence. She left a big impact!  

Senior: Courtney

1) What is your favorite high school memory? Making the drill team was one of my favorite and rewarding experiences in high school . I had worked so hard throughout middl school to achieve that goal. It was nice to be a part of something you had worked so hard toward.

2) What are your plans after you graduate high school? I graduated early and I am attending TWU where I plan to get my BSN in nursing. Ive already been pre-accepted into their upper division nursing program. I plan to later become a nurse practitioner and work in pediatrics or labor and  delivery.

3) Who is someone that inspires you and why?My dad probably inspires me the most. He is a very selfless and genuine person. I don't feel like we appreciate him as much as we should because it's a very rare thing to find someone who not only expresses their true character towards others publicly, but is the same in private. He has an amazing work ethic that shows a lot about a person's character and what they can achieve if they set their mind to it. In the next chapter of my career choice, both these qualities are what aspire me. 

Family: Campbell

I met Sofia on a Facebook mom group. I saw where she posted " Hey I'm a mom in Lewisville with a toddler boy. Do any of you mamas want to meet up at a park"? We met up a few days later and instantly became friends. I later find out that she graduated high school in the same class as my husband AND that we have MANY mutual friends. I'm grateful for this girl and her season of encouraging/honest text messages, meet ups at $3 Gymnastics class with the boys, and her hand crafted gifts. She's the reason I still have my bangs and I would call her a park expert. She & her precious boy have ventured and explored most playgrounds of North Texas!

This family session was my true last session before I had Gunnar. I had many "lasts".  I'm so glad it was with my friend, Sofia, and her beautiful, bike-collecting family. Seriously, how cute are they! And thank you thunderstorm for holding off!!! Soon they will be packing up and moving on to a new venture further South. Yup, all 5 of them. Have you caught on yet ;). Two little babies are now in her belly. What a journey and example of obedience! I will miss you, friend!