Leigh Roark

Leigh's mother and I were pregnant around the same time. Studies/tests revealed some difficult news for the Roark family. I remember praying daily for this little girl's health and comfort for her parents. My husband works with her father and would provide me updates along the way. She was born a couple of months before Wyatt and has ceased to amaze. I never got to meet her... I never got to hug her mama. Two things I longed to do. When her mother reached out to me asking if I could capture some 18 month photos of Leigh, I was over the moon!

Her headbands came in their individual packaging. Each outfit had me eyeing every detail. When this girl would look me in the eye and grin... I melted. What caught this little girl's eye were the wildflowers and an open field. This once shy girl, quickly became comfortable in her surroundings. She held my hand & all I could think was "I'm holding the hand of an answered prayer".