Senior 2016: Abbie

If I was to describe my time with senior, Abbie, it would be this...sun! She literally is a ball of SUNshine. The SUN made a bright appearance that day, too. And them Texas SUNflowers were in full bloom, smiling away at her and she smiled right back! 

What is your favorite high school memory?

Mostly me just making a complete fool of myself. Whether it be falling in font of the whole football team or having my skirt caught in my backpack... I've learned to embrace it! A specific memory was getting voted class favorite my sophomore year. I always feel kind of weird bringing that up, but honestly, that's one of my favorite memories. It's just too cool to have your whole grade choose you! 

How do you like to spend your free time?:

When I'm home, which is very rare because I work after school, I usually draw. I like to dig into the word by reading something and then drawing right after. 

Future goal/plans?:

My hope is to go to Baylor University! That's my dream school and I would do anything to go there!