Engagement: Danielle + Josh

Four weeks after having Gunnar, I met up with these two in Dallas. It was  a first time away from everyone. I was on my own and man did I forget  how to be ME! It's kind of hilarious how odd you can be when in the foggy, "4th-trimester" stage of life. These two were so gracious and fun! I remember even looking down at my camera and my hands not able to do what my brain was telling them! 

Anyways... I had a blast getting to know these two. We were intentional about this session because I was first approached to photograph their wedding in OKC. I grew up with Danielle in church. She and I would sit in the back and I was often entertained by her sense of humor all wrapped up in a tiny package. I never met her boo thang, so this session was an opportunity for us to all meet and hang! If I had one word to describe this couple, it would be cool. They are far cooler than I will ever be which made this session fun. They really, really love each other and I can't wait to be a part of their special day! Seriously, these moments just keep finding me and I'm so grateful for all the friends I'm making as a photographer!